Sunday, 22 April 2012

If I Could Hide

If I could hide, where would I hide?
I would hide high up in the sky
within the cool white clouds,
like vapour mist I would s p r e a d,

thinning, thinning, thinning
dissolving through the dark.
drifting, scattering like flakes of snow,
dissipating, dissolution, yet expanding,

being pulled by the sun
till I entered where sound cannot go,
where breath bids goodbye,
where my name can no longer be spoken,
where my name can no longer be heard

It would be black, as it was before birth,
My entrance disrupts nothingness,
empty, except for me.
Corrupting it with my slow disintegration.

I cannot hide
And gravity pulls my used body
to its seat and the coffee to its cup
And I say, "Mommy's coming."


  1. That's just lovely, you are very clever - glad I found you! Sometimes you can convey so much more through verse, about how you're feeling. I have only put one on my blog so far, it's called 2 minute silence - but I'm going to try to do more. I had thought about getting a book on how to write poetry, to find out what the rules are - but am a bit worried it will put me off!

  2. Thank you for the very encouraging words. Poetry can be so subjective and vulnerable for the author because you're conveying emotions and you need to be sincere. So, when it comes to rules, I worry that if I try to follow a prescriptive format, I may not be able to say what I want, using my voice. So, as for poetry rule books, I am going to hold off for a little while as well.
    I have read your blog and commented. It is fantastic. You are really talented and very busy.