Friday, 13 January 2012

A Mummy Daughter Day

Today is your day little one
Mommy will not get the ironing done
Nor will she shush you while she listens to the man on the phone
or ask you to use your inside voice
Mommy will not roll her eyes when you unfold the silk sheets
Instead she will let you ride on them like a sled
or roll into it as if it was a hammock.
Today is your day little one
Mommy will not quiet you to finish gossiping with a friend
Nor will she prod you to perform
or make the moment a “growing time”
Mommy will not rehearse with you that poem
but instead we will laugh at silly verses we create
because words aren’t easily remembered
For the years you served me,
quietly putting away your outside voice
going from A to B
instead of going round it and round it again.
Tidying the princess castle into the moat,
replacing your princess dress with the pretty one just bought you
and waiting to use painting sets…
…still waiting…
For letting the other little girl go first.
Today is your day little one
We can prance around with our hula hoops,
twirling them over each other
watching them drop off our hips
Barefoot, swaying to the music, bumping Butts,
howling out of tune.
shrugging shoulders, touching noses.
cuddling in, wasting time.
wrapping up in a cocoon, together,
twirling around and around and around.
We will have such fun little one,
just you, me and that naughty little shake that the doctors are watching.

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